Vision Mission & Team

Microweb is a hybrid of a software house and a digital marketing agency established in Lahore, Pakistan, driven by unconventional wisdom. We connect ideas, strategy, design and technology to create innovative and successful digital experiences.

We’re creative and collaborative playground of designers, developers, copywriters and doers full packed with experience gained in Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Web Design and Development, E-Commerce Solutions, Internet Marketing strategies, Interactive Design and Copywriting. How different we are, we have one thing in common. That is a passion for digital media where you say against.

Our world becomes more digital, utilitarian and data-driven, innovative interface design increasingly defines how we connect with people, brands and services. We love exploring and playing with new technologies, sometimes resulting in fully-fleshed pieces of work. These self-initiated projects are very important to us as they provide a platform for innovation and learning, and ultimately enhance our client work.

Microweb combine local expertise and global resources. We enjoy what we do, we have fun, and we like meeting people and making friends along the way. Whatever your digital media challenge, we can meet it.

Business Solutions & Services

Web Design & Development
Mobile and Business Apps
Software Development
Internet Marketing
Visual Communication and Design
ERP Solutions
E-Commerce Solutions
Business Analysis & Reports
Miscellaneous Services

Why Microweb (Unofficial claims from Mr Anonymous 🙂

We are the guys who have more and better knowledge and experience than any other individual business entity in our competition. We are true experts of the market and know what would drive your clients crazy about you and your brand. What can really sell your product and what is the path that leads to it.

Simultaneously we have a strong technical profile in software development that roots back to the prehistoric era. We have practical experience in ancient bios & circuitry design to modern day mobile application development. We’re relentlessly upgrading for upcoming technologies unlike most of them.

These two main dimensions enables us to seamlessly integrate our services. Any software house can claim being extraordinary by mentioning their experience in several technologies but do they have experience in marketing and advertising? OR any marketing and advertising agency can claim to have experience in their marketing strategies that did wonders but do they have experience in software development disciplines? By all odds NO they have not.

The second best reason is the market competent charges. We are always confident that besides having unmatched benefits our customers always get relatively competent cost.

  • We love the branding and the process which resulted in this masterpiece. We are getting excellent feedback of our branding and all marketing collaterals. We are eagerly looking forward to work for our CRM development.


  • We love the branding and the process which resulted in this masterpiece. We are getting excellent feedback of our branding and all marketing collaterals. We are eagerly looking forward to work for our CRM development.

    Hashoo Group

  • Our ERP costed us insanely unless these brilliant guys took our project and all of it’s modules are completed in nearly four months. Microweb is probably the only professional company in the UAE in the ERP development for the small medium enterprises.

    Dr. Mark Kurchak

Our Vision
  • We envision Pakistan as a premier global location for business growth and a leader in software development and digital marketing.
Our Mission
  • As a company grows, its objectives and goals may change. Therefore, vision statements should be revised as needed to reflect the changing business culture as goals are met. Check out some of the following company vision and mission statements for yourself -- and get inspired to write one for your brand.
Our Team
  • Our team is united by our love of ideas, design, technology and our passion for building great products. We help brands and causes thrive globally.
  • We believe in a collaborative working style that accentuates teamwork, trust, and tolerance for diverging opinions. Our unique culture and approach helps us deliver results that are aligned with our client’s needs and aspirations.